4 Interesting Things About Richardson, TX

If you are anything like me, you like learning new facts about cities that are all over the nation. Richardson, TX is not as well-known as places like Houston or Dallas, but here are four things that make it just as interesting.

The corporate headquarters for several major companies is there. With a population of a little more than one hundred thousand, you wouldn’t even think that most have ever heard of it, nevermind deciding to make this home to their businesses. Residents include MetroPCS, WingStop and Fossil.

There is a pretty large Asian population in the city. When many people think of the South, this is not something that comes to mind. Not only is this city home to the Dallas-Fort Worth Chinatown and a part of town known as Little India, but there are numerous cultural organizations that are scattered all across the city.

Barry Watson, the actor that played Matt Camden on 7th Heaven, has in this city. This place has also been home to many other famous people, like Ashlee and Jessica Simpson, as well as famed author Anne Rice.

Money magazine placed this city 15th on their list of the best places to live in the US. Considering the number of cities that are in this country, that is definitely a huge accolade. This is probably because of the great cost of living, the ease of commuting around the city and the availability of jobs in the area.

Whether you plan to go to Richardson at any point in the future, it is always exciting to learn new things about places all over. The next time you are spending time with someone and you want to impress them, you should consider letting them in on your knowledge about this place.