Finally Found a Pet Friendly Apartment for Rent in Texas

I just broke up with my boyfriend and I was looking for an apartment to rent in Texas. I needed to find one that was pet friendly because I had two cats that were mine and had to go with me. I searched around but I was having trouble finding any apartments that allowed pets.

I went on Facebook and started searching. That’s when I posted a question asking if there were any pet friendly apartments in Texas for rent. I didn’t get many responses to that question and I decided to post in a local city group to see if anyone there could tell me anything.

Shortly after posting, I got a response with pictures of an apartment for rent that allowed pets. The rent was awfully high on it and the deposit for the pets was high too. It was out of my price range and I told them thank you for letting me know about it.

Then another person posted saying they knew of one that was for rent and it was cheaper than that one. They sent me pictures to my messenger so I could see what it looked like. The price on this one wasn’t bad and I asked how quickly I could move in if I chose to rent it. They told me it was currently empty and I could move in upon signing the paperwork and giving them the money for the down payment.

I decided that I would rent this apartment after looking at it. It was ok, nothing extra nice, but they would allow me to have my cats and it was affordable. After getting the paperwork signed and the money paid, I packed my things to move in. I had to go back to my ex-boyfriends to pack my things, but luckily he was at work while I was doing that. I tried to avoid all contact with him while moving my things.

I finally got moved in and I am glad I found an apartment for rent in Texas that I could move into quickly. This landlord has been really great so far and is a really nice person. They helped me out and I wouldn’t even have known about this apartment if I wouldn’t have posted on the Facebook group. It was easy to do and led me to a great apartment.