Houston Is Going Through A Lot Right Now

Most of the time, you think about things like Tex-Mex food and cowboy boots when you think of Texas. The crazy thing is that there is so much more to the area that is widely overlooked. With that said, the only thing on most peoples mind at this time is the hurricane that is ripping through Houston.

Unfortunately, many people did not take heed and evacuate before the storm came. As a result, many are still there and they are stranded with no way to get to safety. At this point, many will have to wait around to see if they will be rescued in due time. This is a struggle, especially if you have little ones that need to be protected.

There was a picture on social media this afternoon and it showed several people who appeared to be in a retirement home. They were hanging around casually, despite the fact that water filled up more than half of the room. This is more than enough to make the average person panic, but it seems like they were perfectly calm.

Unlike many things on those sites that are untrue or altered, this photo was actually real. Apparently, they were rescued at some point and taken to a hospital where they could be treated for hypothermia. It could have been much worse, so the idea that this is all they are dealing with is a huge sigh of relief.

There is no telling when the city will get back to normal. It may not take as long to recuperate as New Orleans did after being hit by Katrina, but it will not be a short time either. It will take a lot of hard work, donations and hope to make it like it was before.