Looked at Different Apartments for Rent in Texas

My lease was going to be up in 30 days for the apartment I was currently stay in. I didn’t want to renew my lease, so I started looking around for apartments for rent in Texas.

I started by searching the Internet to see if I could find any apartments for rent that way. I found a few apartments, but the price on them seemed a little out there and the locations of them weren’t really ideal for me.

I decided to ask on Facebook. I have found out lots of things by asking questions on here so I gave that a try. I asked if anyone could tell me about apartments for rent in the area and I let them know what I was looking for and what I could afford to pay.

I got a few responses about rentals in the area and they were different ones than I had found online. I found the phone numbers on the listings and called them so I could see where they were at and what the surrounding neighborhood looked like.

I set up appointments with both of these landlords so I could see the apartments. I really liked the first apartment I looked at and one of my friends lived across the street. I went and looked at the other apartment, but I was pretty sure I would rent the first one. The second one was nice, but I liked the location of the first one better.

I let the landlord know that I wanted to rent the apartment and he got all the paperwork in order for me. I got the money to put down for the deposit and the first month’s rent so I could be ready. He let me know that I needed to come back and sign some paperwork and give him the money. I went there shortly after he called and I was really excited to move into this apartment. He told me I could start moving whenever I wanted to, even though my lease didn’t start for another 15 days.

I got everything packed up from my old apartment and moved into the new one. It was a short move and I really didn’t have that many things so it wasn’t that bad. I’m happy with the apartment I found for rent in Texas and the price of it too.