Texas Parents Surprise Kids With Newly Adopted Sister: Watch

Raygen and Harper Pruitt knew their parents were in the process to adopt a baby. “The girls were so excited and would ask almost every day if we had gotten a call yet,” the sisters’ father, Shane Pruitt, tells Us Weekly.

Shane and his wife, Kasi, finally got the call the night of July 25, but didn’t tell their girls just in case something fell through. “We left early the next morning to get her while they were still asleep,” says Shane.

The Pruitt family Lesli Logston Photography

When Raygen, 11, and Harper, 6, woke up they got the surprise of their lives. And their priceless reactions were captured on video.

“Are you kidding me?” Harper screams, as Raygen breaks down into tears.

“You’re gonna make me cry,” says Kasi, who is seen holding the adorable infant girl in her arms.

The heartwarming video has been liked nearly 50,000 times and retweeted more than 17,000 times since it was first shared on July 27.

The Pruitt family Lesli Logston Photography

“Raygen and Harper love their sister dearly,” says Shane, who works as direction of missions for the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention. “They fight over getting to hold her. They fight over getting to feed her. However, they don’t fight over changing her diaper! That is when they hand her back over to mommy and daddy.”

The Pruitt family

The Pruitts, who live in Rockwall, Texas, are also parents of 4-year-old Titus, who is from Uganda and has cerebral palsy and Elliott, 20 months, who was adopted from Texas. They have chosen not to reveal the name of their new baby for privacy reasons.

“She is absolutely beautiful and adjusting well,” Shane tells Us. “What melts our heart is that she loves to be held. And when she is sleeping she has a great smile.”

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