‘The Big D’ in Richardson Dog Haus is Causing a North Texas Stampede

Creating a sensation in North Texas, Dog Haus, a popular restaurant chain renowned for its interesting toppings of the great American hot dog, has set up shop in Richardson, adding a Texas twist. Its best seller, made exclusively for North Texas, helped cause a two-hour long wait which lasted for the first 12 hours after grand opening!

Dog Haus Biergarten, Texas’ first franchise of its kind which is being managed by Ron Ryan in Richardson, is a shop where the orders are made at the counter and the focus is on making sausages and hot dogs the way the customer likes. Using “high-quality, antibiotic, hormone-free beef,” according to Ryan’s interview with Guide Live, their best seller in North Texas goes by the name “The Big D”, and it’s no small fry, let us tell you! Made using a cheddar and jalapeño wurst sausage, The Big D is topped with a chipotle aioli and spicy peppers, and folks are taking pride in getting their first at this franchise!

Not only that, but Dog Haus has another Texas-style tribute of sorts in what’s called the “Cowboy.” Similar to the Texas Tommy which is popular in northern parts of the country, Dog Haus unleashed its Cowboy in the Lone Star State, which is a bacon-wrapped dog, covered with cheddar cheese sauce and topped with crunchy onions and a drizzle of smoky barbecue sauce, nestled in a King’s Hawaiian bun. It’s a great contrast of sweet and savory, and it’s available together with


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